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לפני 2 שעות
Location: Europe and Eastern Europe
FAM SOLUTIONS is currently looking to hire a Project Manager to join our gaming and IT industry leading organisation, based in Belgrade, Serbia.

- CV must be sent in English! - 

*We offer:
- Dynamic, high-pressure working environment.
- Numerous recognition incentives throughout the year.
- Frequent travelling to our facilities outside the country.
- Fixed salary plus bonuses.
- Possibilities for career advancement and personal development.
- Opportunity to work within a team of highly motivated professionals in a friendly and dynamic work environment.

- Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors/clients for the flawless execution of projects
- Ensure that all projects are delivered on time, within scope and within budget
- Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant shareholders and technical and operational feasibility.
- Establish, measure, monitor and follow-up the projects and their sustainability, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short and long-term goals.
- Measure project performance using appropriate techniques and tools.
- Ensure resource availability and allocation.
- Perform risk management to minimize project risks.
- Meet budgetary objectives and make adjustments to project constraints based on financial analysis.
- Develop comprehensive project plans to be shared with clients and staff/ team members.
- Establish and develop relationships with third parties/vendors and clients.
- Develop diagrams and process maps, in line with the projects.
- Continuously develop leadership and managerial skills.
- Perform other duties according to the instructions of the superior.
*All resumes must be sent in English*
- Proven working experience in project management.
- Strong organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills.
- Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills
- Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
- Bachelor's degree in appropriate field of study or equivalent work experience.
- Excellent knowledge of English, both written and verbal.
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עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
לפני 5 שעות
Location: More than one
Required Performance Performance Biz-dev Manager.
Recruiting new partners.
Conduct market research.
Managing and recruiting performance campaigns.
Manage large amounts of direct campaigns in different countries on various platforms.
Monitor and analyze all campaigns to meet ROI goals.
At least 2 year experience in Performance campaigns.
Experience in media buying from DSPs and affiliation platforms.
Exceptional analytical skills and result oriented mind-set.
Excellent excel skills.
Proactive, energetic self-starter who thrives on getting results.
Team player.
Fluent in English.
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עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
משרה בלעדית
לפני 9 שעות
Tyroler LTD
מיקום המשרה: כפר סבא
שכר: 8,000-10,000
לחברה המוכרת בזירות המסחר האלקטרוני הגדולות בעולם, דרוש /ה אחראי /ת לכל תהליכי העבודה עם זירות המסחר השונות.
התפקיד כולל: שירות לקוחות, הזמנות, בדיקת מלאי, קידום ממומן ועוד.
התפקיד רחב מאוד ונוגע בתחומים המתקדמים והמפתחים בעולם.
תפקיד מעניין ומאתגר עם אופציות קידום, דורש משמעת עצמית ויכולת ניהול גבוהה.
שכר גבוה למתאימים /ות.
משרה מלאה עם אפשרות לגמישות בשעות.
אנגלית ברמה גבוהה מאוד - חובה.
התנסחות טובה באנגלית ובעברית, בכתב ובע"פ- חובה.
ניידות עם רכב- חובה.
ניסיון במסחר אלקטרוני- יתרון גדול.
ידע באקסל- יתרון.
נסיון בפוטושופ - יתרון.
עצמאי /ת עם ראש גדול.
מוטיבציה גבוהה. המשרה מיועדת לנשים וגברים כאחד.
שירות זה פתוח ללקוחות VIP בלבד
עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
5 ימים
מיקום המשרה: בני ברק
לבית תוכנה מוביל בבני ברק (קו רכבת) דרוש /ה מנהל /ת פרויקטים דיגיטל.
משרה מלאה, א'-ה'.
ניהול של פרויקט הקמה של פלטפורמת סחר אלקטרוני מתקדמת.
ניהול של מספר צוותי פיתוח במספר אתרים בעולם.
ניהול של תוכנית הפיתוח - הגדרה של ספרינטים, משימות פיתוח ותיעדופים.
עבודה בשותפות עם מנהל הפיתוח.
נדרשת הבנה /ניסיון במערכי מסחר אלקטרוניים, ניהול פרויקטים מורכבים, ניהול פרויקט Agile ויכולת Delivery מוכחת.
אנגלית ברמת שפת אם.
נדרשת יכולת ניתוח מערכת /בתיבת אפיונים פונקציונאליים. המשרה מיועדת לנשים וגברים כאחד.
שירות זה פתוח ללקוחות VIP בלבד
עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
5 ימים
Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo
A Taptica Business Development Manager is responsible for the companys business development, advertiser relations, and expanding our portfolio.
The day-to-day work consists of exploring new cooperation opportunities with international companies, dealing with large marketing budgets, creating long-term partnerships and keeping up-to-date with global online trends and changes.
*Full time position in Tel Aviv.
-English as a mother tongue - must! Other languages- an advantage.
-Excellent negotiation skills and strong sales capabilities.
-Exceptional communication and persuasion skills.
-Driven, ambitious with positive professional attitude. 
-Ability to thrive in a fast and dynamic environment and learn well under pressure.
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שירות זה פתוח ללקוחות VIP בלבד
עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
לוח ללקוחות VIP בלבד
פורסם ע"י המעסיק
5 ימים
Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo
Wanted: Product Manager for a rapidly-growing performance marketing company.
This is a fulltime job in TLV (Azrieli area) with high salary, great colleagues and excellent conditions.
Job Responsibilities:
Manage every stage of the product's life cycle, head up the end-to-end development of new products and assure the product is aligned with users needs.
Take full ownership of the product, all the way from inception to production.
Collaborate with different teams to deliver new product features.
Understand business needs to translate them into product plans.
Launch A/B tests to measure new features performance and iterate through ongoing experiments.
Analyze performance, evaluate success or failure of features, determine next steps, and constantly use data to guide decision making.
2+ years of product/ project management experience in an internet-based company.
Experience building FullStack product features that involve Backend and UX/UI aspects.
Ability to understand and analyze data, drive conclusions and action plans.
Strong technical ability to communicate technical requirements with development team.
Problem solver with hands-on approach and can-do attitude.
Native or native level English.
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שירות זה פתוח ללקוחות VIP בלבד
עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
נאספה מאתר אינטרנט
Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo
Required Customer Experience Specialist.
Serve as the point of contact for portfolio of customers throughout the life cycle, beginning from the purchase order and extending through on- boarding, project delivery success, business reviews, and up/cross sales.
Take ownership for the customers experience.
Build trusted relationships with decision makers and project leaders to enable successful delivery and lead to up/cross sales.
Handover project management methodology to the delivery teams on the customer side.
Ability to understand customer technical requirements.
Work with internal interfaces (e.g. R&D, Product, Sales etc.) and ensure that customer expectations are aligned with committed schedule.
Minimum 3 year of customer success management experience - MUST.
Excellent client-facing and global customer communication skills - MUST.
Solid understanding of IT Infrastructures: networking and operating systems - MUST.
Familiarity with Project Management methodologies, processes and best practices.
Experience operating on-site with large enterprise customers.
Experience with software implementation and upgrade management.
Strong multitasking capabilities and high ability to work under pressure.
Ability to travel abroad (25%).
Fluent English - must.
Preferred qualifications:
Experience with Linux based operating system.
Experience with OT/IoT environments and work methods.
Experience in the cyber security domain.
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שירות זה פתוח ללקוחות VIP בלבד
עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
פורסם ע"י המעסיק
Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo
In a nutshell: We are looking for an SEO Manager to join our Marketing team. 
Full Description: 
Founded in 2010, vCita set out to change the way people turn their passions into business. Today, as a market leader in the small and medium-sized business management space, the company has grown to a team of over 80 but remains focused on the original goal. Tailored specifically for service providers, our software continues to redefine the way they interact with their clients by driving more opportunities from the web, mobile, email, and social with an ease of use designed for the average person. Our teams are based out of Bellevue, Washington, and Tel-Aviv, Israel. WiseStamp products are a part of vCita's product portfolio, our goal is to grow the business as part of the group's integration into the company. In this role, you will be part of the WiseStamp gorilla team and look for new ways of generating traffic and engaging the WiseStamp users with vCita's product. 
* Review and analyze the site for improvement. 
* Manage and improve organic search engine performance .
* Set and achieve goals based on click-through rates, traffic, and conversion .
* Optimize speed and mobile rendering .
* Collaborate with content marketing and blog contributors to create high- quality content around important, relevant terms .
* Compile and present SEO guidelines to the marketing team .
* Develop link building strategies .
* Keep track of the newest trends, algorithm updates, and of our SEO competitors techniques and strategies.
* +3 years experience in SEO, content marketing, content growth for large sites. 
* Proven record of improving results through proactive SEO project management .
* Creative, motivated and team player. 
* Strong analytical skills and optimization mindset .
* Excellent verbal and written communication skill - English at a mother tongue level .
* Deep understanding of industry tools and sources: Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, AdWords, Moz, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, AWR and more .
* Thorough knowledge of search ranking and optimization factors and key algorithm updates .
* Experience with funnel conversion optimization .
* Technical background and basic knowledge of HTML and CSS .
* Experience with ASO - an advantage.
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לפני שליחה
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