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משרות בלוח החם
לפני 19 שעות
דנאל משאבי אנוש בע"מ- סניף חדרה
מיקום המשרה: חדרה
לחברת מכשור רפואי מובילה דרוש /ה אחראי /ת רגולציה.
הכנה ותחזוקה של קבצים רגולטוריים כגון STED ו MDD / MDR קבצים טכניים.
תמיכה בפיתוח אסטרטגיות רגולטוריות תוך התאמה לדרישות בישראל.
טיפול בתהליכי אישור ומעקב אחר לוחות זמנים.
בחינת שינויים בתקנות וסיוע בקביעת השפעתם.
השתתפות במבדקים מול גופי ביקורת פנימיים וחיצוניים.
הכנת תיקים רגולטוריים להגשתם לרשויות הבריאות ואחזקתם לאורך כל מחזור חיי המוצר.
תנאים מצוינים למתאימים /ות.
ידע נרחב ברגולציה בתחום המכשור הרפואי חובה.
אנגלית ברמת שפת אם חובה.
ידע בניהול סיכונים תהליכי, V & Vובקרת פיתוח מוצר.
ניסיון בעבודה עם תקנים בינלאומיים ובמיוחד עם ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 60601. המשרה מיועדת לנשים וגברים כאחד.
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עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
3 ימים
Location: Herzliya
Required An Automation QA. 
Develop test cases that provide evidence of the softwares conformance to documented Functional and Technical specifications (Manual at first, with intention to full automation)
Assure testing coverage based on customers requirements
Conduct tests review with relevant stakeholders
Develop data used to set up the system for the clients use
Validate customer setup from end user perspective
Conduct regression testing on every new release and prior delivery to the customer
Provide the Project with accurate status of releases
Conduct qualification of customer defects
Perform re-tests of fixed defects to ensure compliance to specifications and affected area.
Participate in walk-through of documentation held by various groups in Finastra.
Relevant academic background (BA in Computer Science, Computer.Engineering, Information Technology).
Experience in:
SW testing - advantage.
QA methodology and process.
Automated Soap UI test development.
Operating automated tools advantage.
SQL and Oracle DB.
Knowledge of:
Payment systems or/and Banking advantage.
PC - including MS Office products.
English At mother tongue level.
Able to multi-task, is self-motivated and able to motivate others
Team player ability to work with a team in a dynamic and complex environment.
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עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
לוח ללקוחות VIP בלבד
פורסם ע"י המעסיק
5 ימים
Location: Hod Hasharon
We are looking for a smart, dedicated and self-motivated senior QA engineer to join our fast-growing QA team and company. The QA Engineer would be responsible for all aspects of testing, from analysis of requirements to design, from implementation to defects management, both automated and manually if required. The QA Engineer should have high analytical and technical skills and a passion for quality. Responsibilities
* Ability to work with Agile-based feature and story requirements for the creation of automated test scripts, manual test scripts, negative testing, regression testing, and user acceptance testing
* Design, create, and execute comprehensive test strategies and plans for systems and product releases
* Build, execute and maintain our automation testing with high standards.
* Enhance our automation infra-structure and implement new technologies and tools.
* Own features End-to-End and work closely with development and product departments in order to derive the full testing needs and plans
* Monitor and communicate results to QA management and software engineering teams.
* Assist with mentoring and training of other team members.
* 3+ years of experience as a QA engineer
* Previous Java development experience and OOP are highly desired
* Proven experience with automation frameworks and tools (Advantage)
* Deep understanding of quality methodologies, testing tools, and CI flows
* Experience using Selenium, TestNG create and execute automated tests (Advantage)
* HTML/CSS/Javascript: Advanced beginner to Intermediate; must be able to read and understand front-end web code
* Experience using automated tests to do functional and regression testing
* Experience testing API calls, microServices, web-related technologies
* Acquaintance with Linux shell/utilities and/or cloud technologies (Advantage)
* B.Sc. in Computer Science (Advantage) Self motivated, very organized and a hard-working person Ability to perform well under pressure and tight schedules Fluent English
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עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
נאספה מאתר אינטרנט
7 ימים
Location: Or Yehuda
We are looking for an automation and manual QA engineer who is passionate about high quality, customer facing application. Youll be working closely with the developers and product team in a fast-paced, dynamic agile environment in a challenging continuous deployment environment, ensuring that we deliver high-quality features to our 100M+ users.
This is a great opportunity to make an impact on the quality of a large-scale product, surrounded by a group of experienced professionals who will mentor you through your first steps in the industry. We have high standards and we are looking for top talent. If you think youve got what it takes - we are looking for you!
What youll do:
Lead and own all quality aspects including security, performance, etc.
Work side by side with the developers and product managers on exciting new features.
Take an active part in our Continuous Deployment process: testing, monitoring, alerting, etc.
Create new and maintain existing automated tests.
Be responsible for all quality aspects, combining manual and automation tasks.
Report on quality status in a clear, informative way.
Plan and execute testing strategy in a high-pressure environment.
What you bring:
Advanced phase or graduate of B.Sc degree or 2 years of experience with Automation + manual QA.
Familiarity with databases .
Familiarity with coding (Java/C#/Ruby).
What else:
Ability to learn complicated ideas independently.
Passion for testing.
Time management and multitasking skills.
Good communication skills.
Proficiency in verbal and written English.
Team player, leadership skills, and a great attitude.
Innovation, creativity, and drive to continue learning and improving.
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עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
נאספה מאתר אינטרנט
Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo
A successful company form the cyber security looking for QA Automation Manual.
If you have at least 3 years of software testing experience, automation.
At least 2 years experience in C# Net, Working in Linux environment, Experience in malware analysis, experience in at least one superior language.
Experience in at least one superior language, High level of English.
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עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
נאספה מאתר אינטרנט
Location: Ramat Gan
We are looking for a Senior QA Engineer who is detail-oriented, is a problem-solver, and has analytical thinking and technical understanding of highly complex systems to join our growing quality and infrastructure group. You will take part in maintaining and improving our product quality and customer satisfaction.
What youll do?
Be a part of an agile team and serve as a focal point for all QA matters.
Develop and execute exploratory and automated tests in order to ensure product quality.
Lead the testing cycle from planning to delivery; estimate, design and implement automated tests.
Coordinate and set up appropriate test environments and perform integration, functionality, system, regression, load and acceptance testing using manual methods and automation testing tools.
Relevant Bachelors Degree.
3-5 years of experience as QA Engineer working with regression, smoke and integration tests.
Experience with writing automation tests.
High level of analytical skills.
Familiarity with web technologies an advantage.
Ability to multitask and work under pressure.
Familiarity with BI tools - advantage.
Team-player and willing to learn and share knowledge.
Self-learning skills.
Military experience as a QA - advantage.
Proficient in English.
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שירות זה פתוח ללקוחות VIP בלבד
עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
נאספה מאתר אינטרנט
Location: Ra'anana
We are looking for a great QA manager to join our growing team.

We are an enterprise corporation with the goal to revolutionize the way people communicate in the 21st century, looking for the best people to join our winning team and help us make this vision a reality!
We put quality first!
We are looking for an experienced and agile Senior Quality Assurance Manager.
We challenge our managers to drive all aspects of the business in their scope including hiring, talent management, product, engineering and business decisions.
Leading a quality and automation team as part of a larger multi-disciplinary R&D group consisting of multiple teams.
Working closely with Dev Team Leaders, Product Managers, and other Quality leaders in the organization.
Being a key stakeholder and decision-maker in product design and release activities.
Pitching and promoting quality state of mind in the group, and continuously raising the quality bar.
Defining the strategy and setting OKRs / KPIs.
Defining and implementing modern quality assurance and quality by design methodologies.
Coaching and training and overall career development for team members.
Job ID: 4405161002.
Bachelor of Computer Science / Computer Engineering or graduate of leading technological units.
At least 5 years of experience in QA roles.
2 years of experience leading QA/Automation teams.
Hands on experience writing and executing validation protocols and reports.
Experience working in modern agile methodologies (scrum, CI/CD, TDD, etc.).
Experience with building tests and environments from scratch (startups or equivalent) advantage.
Fluent verbal and written English.
Independent, organized, team player.
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עדכון קורות החיים
לפני שליחה
פורסם ע"י המעסיק
מיקום המשרה: ירושלים
לחברה גלובלית בירושלים דרוש /ה מהנדס /ת בדיקות QA.
התפקיד כולל עבודה בסביבת אוטומציה, השתלבות במערך פיתוח המוצר, תכנון והרצת בדיקות מגוונות, זיהוי תקלות במערכות ומתן פתרון לבעיות בזמן אמת.
לתפקיד נדרשות יכולות למידה טובות, תשומת לב לפרטים, דינאמיות וחיוניות.
*תואר ראשון במדעי המחשב/הנדסת תוכנה.
*ניסיון של שנתיים לפחות בבדיקות תוכנה.
*אנגלית ברמה גבוהה.
*היכרות עם Agile.
*ניסיון בעבודה עם STP, STD, STR.
*נכונות למשרה מלאה בירושלים.
*יכולת עבודה בצוות, תקשורת בינאישית מעולה, חריצות ואמינות. המשרה מיועדת לנשים וגברים כאחד.
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לפני שליחה
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